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ROSSA UK RC Car and Bike Speed Championships 2009
Event Report 

The ROSSA UK RC Car and Bike Speed Championships for 2009 was held at the Shakespeare County Raceway, Long Marston Airfield on the weekend of 12-13th September and thankfully the weather was dry and sunny.

The competitors were eager to get racing with guys tuning up on the Friday and camping over to get a decent start to the weekends speed racing.

Saturday morning started bright and early and we setup the timing gear and prepared the track for racing. We were using the standard setup with cars coming from just off the drag strip and along the slowdown area of the strip. Competitors were tuning up from their long trips to the track with Ken Azzopardi from Malta with his Turbine Powered funny car and Jony Bast from Sweden with his 1/10th F1 pan car. It was great to see such international support and hope to see more at future events.

Practice got under way with some decent runs by Jason Dracott with his 2 cell HPI Pro 4 entry called Citric Acid and Tom Pennington also with a 2 cell xray T-007. Kevin Sims was running his tried and trusted Lossi XXX’s in 4 cell mode and already had broken the UK record at the practice event. The car blasted through the speed trap with a record breaking 111mph and new UK speed record!

I then prepared the rocket powered car for a run. The rocket was loaded with ½ fuel to test the system and ensure good handling. The rocket was ignited and the car blasted down the runway for the 1st of its runs and was clocked at 58.58mph. Not bad and it ran straight.

Allan waterfall was running his .28 powered custom bike and manages a few passes of 75-80 mph before posting his fastest time of the weekend with 82.54mph. John Veal was also running a .28 powered custom bike and posted a decent speed of 75.42mph

The rocket car was then prepared for a 2nd run with full fuel and set off up the track. This time the rocket burnt all the way to the speed trap and recorded a speed of 117mph and a new UK record beating the 111mph set just an hr before!

The first day was a huge success with high speed and s the UK record being broken twice! And we were all looking forward to the Sunday.

Racing got underway with fast times being posted by all competitors. Jason Dracott posted a decent 77.48 before changing the gearing and registering the fastest 2 cell speed of 87.98 mph and a new UK 2 cell record. Jony Bast from Sweden ran his Corally F1 NGX and managed a decent 93.14mph. This car looked like it had much more in it but sadly electrical problems put paid to any more runs. Jony said he would be back next year for another try.

John Veal running his .28 custom bike blasted through the speed trap and pipped Allans speed to take theUK fastest bike title with 87.45mph. Allan still has the record of 91.52mph set at a previous event.

Kevin Simms also ran an open wheeled B4 buggy and set an amazing 100.12mph to set a new electric open wheel record and take the open wheel title. He was more than happy with 2 title wins for the weekend.

Ken fired up his turbine funny car and ran the trap and recorded a speed of 45mph. The turbine was acting up and only spinning up to 120,000 rpm instead of the 160,000 max so it was shut down. A long way for just a single run but he plans to be back next year with a faster car.

I had one more fuel grain left for the rocket so thought I would try one last run. I modified the rocket slightly so it would perform better and loaded more fuel than normal and set the car down about 100ft further back than the previous runs. All the spectators were moved into the safety area and the car was set off. After a wobbly start the gyro kicked in and the car started to track straight. I pulled the throttle and let her rip and rip it did! The car accelerated at lighting speed and started to veer off coarse just at the speed trap. I tried correcting the steering but the car flipped onto its roof just through the trap and I shut the car down. The speed was read out

… 163.51mph. A new worlds record!! The radar gun was read to confirm the speed and it showed 159mph. What a run.

The event continued until we all finally had enough, wrecked our cars or ran out of spares and agreed it was the best speed event so far with 5 runs over 100mph, more international guys coming into the event and fantastic weather all weekend. Class winners are as follows


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