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Australian RC Speed Championships 2011 // Overview by Callum
Had less people at this years event, but more cars entered!
I managed to put a car down the track this year, that was a bonus. So now I have something to work off for my serious entry next year.
Though I only managed a recorded run of 44km/h, I have a better understanding of the setup needed for the particular track.

There were a few impressive runs on the day.
Brendan Podlich with his Electric Modified took out the fastest on the day with an official pass of 185.19km/h (115.07mph)
He backed that up with a pass of 179km/h (111.22mph)
An unofficial pass in testing saw a speed of 190km/h though!

Also his IC Big Block was running very consistent. Passes mostly in the 160+km/h range.
Fastest pass of 163.77km/h (101.76mph) with a backup run of 163.65km/h (101.68mph)

Arthur was running in the IC Small Block category also with consistent speeds.
This particular car was a 4wd running on 30% nitro fuel.
1/10 Team Magic G4+Evo 4wd small block OS18. 30% nitro
Fastest run was his last, at 147.19km/h (91.45mph)
Backing it up with a 142.87km/h (88.77mph)

Paddy was looking good with his Electric 6 cell entry, until the speedy decided it wanted to BBQ itself along with a LiPo.
Unfortunately Paddy only recorded two passes with his Serpent 966 (electric 6 cell)
181.52km/h (112.79mph) was his first run, then coasting through on his second run at 159.49km/h (99.10mph)

As the track was like glue, if a car was stationary, even momentarily, it would become stuck. Then when the throttle was squeezed, the car wouldn't be able to budge. Squeezing the trigger more and more, until the amp draw was too much with no airflow to cool it down, and barbequed speed controller.

Paddy also entered a Large Scale RC. A Harm 1/5th Electric conversion.
1st run 123.71 (76.86mph)
2nd run 129.17 (80.26mph)
3rd run 128.86 (80.06mph)

Rino made the 1000km journey to Queensland to try his luck with his Large Scale entry.
His first few passes allowed him to guage how long the runup would need to be in order to be peaking through the speed trap.
On his 7th and 8th pass, he managed to get his top speed for the day. Both passes reading 134.97km/h on the lcd display.

Ben brought out his entry, an Electric Modified.
Four official passes saw his best two runs coming through on his 2nd and 4th passes with speeds of 152.4 and 150.52km/h (94.69 and 93.52mph)

We didn't quite see the speeds reached from last year, but overall the entries were faster than the previous years event.
A few gremlins and barbeques prevented numbers which we had hoped for, so it was with heavy hearts we packed up at the end of the day.
There is talk of maybe having the event twice a year, one still at Willowbank Dragstrip, but also, potentially, another in the colder months, somewhere in Sydney.
Fingers crossed for the winter event in Sydney. The IC drivers will definitely see better numbers then!



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